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Dr. Zaino is part of a Maximized Living Health Center in Harare, Zimbabwe that is being converted into the world’s first Maximized Living Hospital. This process is actually being facilitated by a pediatric surgeon.

Dr. Zaino has been involved at Columbine High School, Shepherds town State, and Virginia Tech. Goals are to massively reduce school violence by creating healthier minds through a less toxic lifestyle.  Dr. Zaino is part of The Chiropractic Team For The U.S. World Teams – Maximized Living has been asked to be the Chiropractors for U.S. Wrestling’s, US Judo, US Volley Bal, and in negotiations with US Gymnastic Olympic body.

Dr. Zainois on The Board Of Billion Soul Initiative is comprised of more than five hundred key  l leaders from more than 80 denominations or organizations and from more than 50 nations. Dr. Zaino has partnered with them to bring wellness to churches worldwide.

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