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As a chiropractic neurologist, I am very proud to have been added to the team of mental health professionals at the Hallowell Center in NYC. 117 West 72nd Street, 3rd floor NY, NY, 10023 
The Hallowell Center is one of the most progressive facilities that specialize in the care for those diagnosed with ADHD for both adults and children. Dr. Hallowell is one of the world’s leading authorities on ADHD, he is a Harvard trained psychiatrist who has appeared on the 
I have established a successful wellness oriented, multidisciplinary, practice in upper Manhattan over the past 9 years. Over the years we have traveled across the country to research the best practices for creating wellness. We have successfully implemented these techniques and we often change lives in the process. It is now time to connect with people outside of our office and start impacting the lives of many.
We recognize that the stresses people experience which result in symptoms and disorders that bring people to our office are the same stresses which result in many other chronic disorders of general health; high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol, obesity, depression and more. We recognize that reducing symptoms while allowing the stresses to continue will lead to bigger more costly problems in the future.  In a massive effort that included doctors from across the country in the fields of chiropractic, medicine, nutrition, psychology, fitness, cardiology, among others we have created a high tech system for measuring an individual’s state of health and a proven program for change that can permanently alter the direction of a person’s health profile for the better. We directly impact the stresses that cause the most common chronic health conditions in the world today.

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